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Sesbania Gum Powder Supplier from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Sesbania Gum is manufactured well from Sesbania seeds normally found in Africa, China and Asian countries. Basically this is small tree shrub and grow up to two -three meters’ heights. Seeds are in the pods of the tree which after ripening harvested.This is white color powder and soluble in hot as well as cold water and insoluble in alcohols and organic solvents. It shows about 2000 -3500 cps viscosity.

Basic properties of Sesbania Gum:

  • Appearance: Off white-fine powder

  • Odour: Neutral

  • Taste: Neutral

  • Bulk density: 0.6 kg /Liter

  • Particle size: ≤ 250 Micron

  • Solubility: Insoluble in Ethanol, Disperse well in cold water and forms colloidal solution.

  • pH of 1% solution: 5.5 -8.0

  • 1% viscosity: ≥ 250 cps

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