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Mission & Vision

We are committed to

  • Meet our customer’s expectations, at all times.

  • Adopt an approach that is proactive and innovative, driven by a quest for Quality, Research & Development.


We strive to

  • Uphold our position as market leaders in our industry, by continually adding value to our products and service and enhancing our Quality Management Systems.

  • Build long term and mutually beneficial alliances with our esteemed customers.

  • Make profits, so that we may pay fair wages and salaries to our employees, invest in research, development, expansion and modernization and reward our shareholders with an equitable return on their investment.

  • Conduct our activities with high ethics.

  • Maintain high safety standards, protect health of our employees and our neighbors, safeguard our environment. We also exercise due care to protect the well being of all employees and those around us.

  • Train and impart skills to all employees, so that they can effectively carry out their functions, be responsible for their actions, be more productive, earn higher rewards and thereby improve their quality of life.

  • Implement safe and hygienic manufacturing processes suitable for producing Food Grade products and provide evidence of safe production and handling raw materials to finished products of food additives / ingredients.

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