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About Us

ADACHI is highly experienced and specialized technology driven in Natural Polymer field and was time-honored in the year 1983 in Ahmedabad, India. Main objective of the company is to develop, manufacture and market products from naturally available Polysaccharide and modify them as per the industry standards for optimum quality, service, reliability and business expansion in every facet. At every level, our company is committed to deliver the best products & services and integrate them into routine operations.


For the last three decades, the company has developed number of Guar Gum, Tamarind, Corn, and Tapioca derivates which are widely used in textile printing, food processing, Oil and Gas well drilling, explosives manufacturing & paper industries. We specialize in Guar Gum thickeners for textiles, food, Oil and Gas well drilling and hydrofracturing.

Having gained years of experience and expertise in detailed research and progress in the natural polymer field, ADACHI has a vision to produce high-quality innovative products for the above industries and supply thickeners from India.


ADACHI is well equipped with first rated production facilities supported by rigid quality control and R & D facilities constantly remain full of productivity in finding out different economical methods for profitable production and various new applications of the Guar Gum, Tamarind, Corn, and Tapioca derivates.


ADACHI has a full-grown pilot plant for developing new products and to improve quality of existing products. Microbiological laboratory helps us for testing of Guar Gum to satiate requirements of food industry. ADACHI is operating with modern laboratory that caters industry specific customer requirements.


We export our products to international market for countries namely South Korea, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Germany, Bangladesh, USA, Canada, Brazil and other African countries.

ADACHI has the distinction of achieving top-notch standards and hi-tech thickeners from Guar Gum and Tamarind, as they are natural resource of India. It also makes our company more flexible in terms of prices as well. We manufacture and process derivatives for frozen food & bakery industries, textile printing industries, cosmetic & personal care industries, , pulp & paper industries and mining & explosive manufacturing industries with following products.


More meaningfully above products are used as a

  • Stabilizing, suspending moisturizing & thickening agent

  • Printing thickeners

  • Emulsifying & smoothing agent

  • Viscosifying and gelling agent

  • Water loss additive

  • Flocculating and film forming agent

ADACHI ensures customers of consistent good quality and competitive prices for its line of products. You can rely on us as a reliable supplier and can trust for a long term support for optimum products, services, solutions and technology. Our satisfaction and pleasure direct in expanding business with large number of our customers spread all over the globe. Their loyalty with us speaks of our ultimate product quality and perfection in our services.

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